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Stroud Safety Introduces Three New Products: Push Button Chute Release Kit, Parachute Kit (450) And Handheld Fire Suppression Bottle

Stroud Safety Introduces Three New Products: Push Button Chute Release Kit, Parachute Kit (450) And Handheld Fire Suppression Bottle

Posted by Drag Illustrated on 13th May 2024

In an effort to keep racers safe, Stroud Safety has introduced three new products to its lineup — the Push Button Chute Release Kit, Parachute Kit (450) and Handheld Fire Suppression Bottle. Stroud is continuously evolving and creating new products developed by racers for racers, and with these additions to its extensive safety line, hardcore racing enthusiasts, weekend warrior racers, professional drivers and team owners will be ready for the track this season.

The Push Button Chute Release Kit allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel when using the chute release system. Press the button at the stripe, and the car’s air/CO2/nitrous system pulls the parachute handle for the driver.

“The human body can’t react as fast as electronics can, so by hitting a button on the steering wheel, it can pull your lever to deploy your chutes faster,” explained John Gentry, Stroud Safety Sales Manager. “When you’re going 210, 215 MPH, that split second matters. So, we get the chutes out there as fast as possible to help the car slow down, and in case of an accident, when you get crossed up or sideways, they’ll help straighten the car out.

The Parachute Kit (450), also known as the Pro Mod Chutes, is designed to be packed by one person, plus has fireproof lines and pack. The pilot chute kits include high-visibility orange pilot spring fabric and come in six different sizes to accommodate speeds from 160 MPH to 270+ MPH in single and dual parachute applications. Stroud parachutes are engineered to pull straight, stop sooner and open reliably. Made 100% in the USA of a proprietary ripstop fabric that is UV, heat, wear and water resistant, they have unmatched quality.

The Handheld Fire Suppression Bottle was designed to complement the Stroud’s offerings. It is a two-pound Class BC fire extinguisher for fighting basic fluid and electrical fires. It’s lightweight, complete with a gauge to allow for immediate pressure status check, and comes with a molded bracket for easy mounting.

“We carry everything for in-car right now, and this is for out of the car safety,” said Gentry. “It can also be used if you’re an open-cockpit pilot, like a dragster or a roadster, where there is no cabin – you can have the fire suppression bottle in there to rely on until the safety crew comes to help you out.”

Furthermore, the Handheld Fire Suppression Bottle is great for the pit vehicle, toolbox, or UTV or to have on hand in the trailer.