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  • 2.5 LB Co2 Bottle

    2.5 LB Co2 Bottle

    2.5lb CO2 Bottle Clear Powder Coated Bottle Brass Valve With CGA 320 Nipple 3,000 psi Blow Off Port 4-3/8" Diameter, 14" Tall Weighs 4.5 lbs. empty, 7 lbs. full

  • MAC Valve, 3 Port Air Solenoid

    MAC Valve, 3 Port Air Solenoid

    Here is a tried and true 12 volt activated air solenoid used for many things. We use this for plumbing air shifters, parachute release handles, and more.  Contains 3 1/8" npt ports. Fittings sold seperately. 

  • Push Button Chute Release Kit Push Button Chute Release Kit

    Push Button Chute Release Kit

    Now you can keep both of your hands on the steering wheel when you use our push button chute release system. Press the button at the stripe, and your car’s air/co2/nitrous system pulls the parachute handle for you. Includes the following:1 air...

  • Handheld Fire Suppression Bottle

    Handheld Fire Suppression Bottle

    2 lb Class BC fire extinguishers to fight basic fluid and electrical fires. Lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum cylinder. Gauge allows for immediate pressure status check. Molded bracket included for easy mounting. UL Listed Single use...

  • Stroud Hat Stroud Hat

    Stroud Hat

    Fitted Flexfit hat with Stroud embroidery.Available in S/M and L/XL sizes.Sold Individually

  • Ear Plugs, Corded

    Ear Plugs, Corded

    Keep your ears safe from inside or outside the car! -Wide base seals out dirt and debris.-Contoured bell shape for easy insertion.-Expands for secure, comfortable fit.-Cord allows earplugs to hang from neck when not in use.

  • Dzus Fastener Tool

    Dzus Fastener Tool

    Every racer needs a eztra tool in their pocket. These have a 3 radii edges that's contoured to fit inside various slot-head quarter-turn fasteners, so you can install or remove them quickly, reducing the possibility of damaged fasteners and body panels...

  • Drag Strip Custom Catch Net Drag Strip Custom Catch Net Drag Strip Custom Catch Net

    Drag Strip Custom Catch Net

    Track safety is driver safety. Stroud engineers the innovative Drag Strip Catch Net to provide the least amount of shock to the competitor while safely restraining the vehicle to prevent catastrophic damage and maximizing staff and spectator safety...

  • Mouth Guard

    Mouth Guard

    Designed for the size and contours of an adult's mouth, these mouth guards are comfortable and provide great protection. Soft-rolled edges reduce the chance of cutting into sensitive lips and gums. 

  • Piston Rack Cover

    Piston Rack Cover

     Stroud offers Piston Rack Covers that are designed to fit all Piston Racks for. They come in ballistic nylon, every cover is hand sewn in the USA with durable webbed straps. When it comes to Piston Rack Covers, Stroud has you covered.  

  • Pedal/Shifter Boot

    Pedal/Shifter Boot

    Stroud Safety is able to provide you with a Pedal/Shifter Boot to keep debris and other things outside the cabin of the vehicle. Dimension are 7.5"x5", 8.5" tall. 

  • Axle Strap Axle Strap

    Axle Strap

    Stroud Saftey is able to provide you with an Axel Strap. In case you need a replacement or want a new one Stroud is here to help.

  • Wire Cover

    Wire Cover

    Stroud Saftey is able to provide you with Wire Covers. used for covering wires while also making them fire proof.

  • Firesuit Garment Bag

    Firesuit Garment Bag

    Stroud produces the race industry's safest, highest quality fire suits. With the Hercules (men’s) and Athena (women’s) models available in SFI-5 and SFI-20, we build these fully custom suits to fit, look sharp, and keep you safe in the event...

  • Launcher Replacement Strap

    Launcher Replacement Strap

    Stroud Safety is able to provide you with a Replacement strap for launchers. For when your current straps are no longer usable or you just want a replacement Stroud is able to provide you with a replacement strap for your spring launcher

  • Parachute Loop, Replacement, Loops, String

    Parachute Loop Kit

    Stroud Safety parachute loop kits include three nylon loop cords and strings for proper repacking of your drag parachute. Using stiff, frayed, or broken pull-up cords and release loops with your chute pack could lead to unsafe parachute deployment. It...

  • Safety Sleeve, Nomex, Black, 18 in. Length, Fits Either Arm Safety Sleeve, Nomex, Black, 18 in. Length, Fits Either Arm Safety Sleeve, Nomex, Black, 18 in. Length, Fits Either Arm

    Arm protection sleeve, Nomex

    Stroud Safety arm protection sleeves are made from a fire-retardant Nomex material for heat and flame resistance. Stroud safety arm sleeves feature a built-in thumb hole and form-fitting snugness to allow for a secure fit and can be worn on either the...

  • Alignment Rod for Mechanical Spring Launchers

    Alignment Rod for Mechanical Spring Launchers

    Stroud Safety is a ablr to provide a Flag Replacement, for spring launcher. If you have misplaced your current one or just want to a replacement Stroud is able to provide you with a new flag and alignment / arming rod for your spring launcher.

  • Cool Vest, One Size Fits All, Adult, Gray.

    Cool Vest

    Wearing a fire suit in a hot car under the summer sun can really be sweltering. That is why we make the Stroud Cool Vest. Strap this cool pack to your chest and you’ll beat the heat all day long. Stroud Safety cool vests have a special pocket...

  • Tow Strap, Retractable, 2,700 lbs. Rating, Nylon, Black, Nylon Loop End, 10 ft. Length.

    Retractable Tow Straps

    No need waste money on another set of tie-downs. Stroud Safety retractable tow straps cover a wide range of applications. Saving you so much time and aggravation when securing your cars. They unwind easily for towing and rewind quickly for handy storage...

  • Leg Restraints

    Leg Restraints

    Most racing organizations require leg restraint systems for open-wheel competition. Stroud Safety offers SFI-approved leg restraints to prevent the legs/feet from serious injury. The leg restraints feature webbed leashes, padded 2 in. wide arm bands with...

24 of 30 Items