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Stroud Safety Products

Here at Stroud Safety we take great pride in the products we design and manufacture. We make all of our products in our facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, so you know when you are buying Stroud you are buying products proudly Made in the USA.

Historically, Stroud is known for its innovative design, attention to detail, and its commitment to customer service. But mostly we are committed to bringing racers home safe after a day at the track. Every decision we make starts with that in mind. That is why we don’t skimp on quality or processes to save bucks. We make it the right way, because the right way is the safest way.

If you have any questions about any of our products call our sales team at 405-632-2022 or send us a message.


Racing Parachutes

We make our drag chutes from a proprietary fabric developed for Stroud and Stroud alone. That is why no one can match the strength and performance of a Stroud parachute. And don’t worry if you don’t know which one you need. We’ve got a Stroud parachute calculator to help you determine the perfect chute for your race vehicle.

Seat Belts

Whether you call them seat belts or racing harnesses or restraints there is one thing you need to know; these are the highest quality motorsports safety belts available on the market. Every one of them is SFI rated and made from the highest quality materials by the most skilled craftspeople in the racing industry.

Safety Nets

A safety net properly installed is one of the most important safety measures a race car driver could have. Keeping the driver inside the car in the event of an accident is of supreme importance. These SFI rated window nets are not only highly functional, they’re highly festive. Available in a variety of colors so you can really express yourself while staying safe.

Fire Suppression Systems

Time: the most important thing you can give a driver in the event of an accident. That is exactly what a high quality fire suppression system does. It allows the driver to suppress the fire while they unbuckle, unsnap, and climb out. If you take your safety seriously please install a fire suppression system in your race car today.

Custom Fire Suits

We don’t have any standard sizing for our fire suits. Each suit is manufactured according to your measurements. We don’t want you trying to avoid snagging a baggy suit. We don’t want a tight suit leaving areas of your body exposed and susceptible to fire. We want you in a properly-fitted fire suit so you are as safe as you can be.

Ballistic Blankets

One of the universal truths of racing is that every race car has several components made up of very fast moving pieces of metal. Sometimes those components fail and that metal finds itself in places where it is not supposed to be. Put an impenetrable barrier between your body and those pieces of metal. Using the same technology that we use to manufacture our industrial turbine blankets, Stroud offers a variety of ballistic component covers for your safety.

Engine Diapers

Originally designed by Stroud Safety, the engine diaper comes in either the SFI 7.1 kevlar style or the 7.2 ballistic nylon style. Engine diapers are designed to keep parts and pieces away from the driver in the event of a catastrophic failure! Available for all engine and oil pan combinations, for all type cars.

Neck Collars

In the event of a serious accident, you want to reduce your body’s mobility as much as possible. Allowing your neck full range of motion in a serious motorsports accident can be fatal. We design our neck collars specifically to limit your head’s range of motion and keep you safe in the event of an accident.

Tire Covers (Junior Dragsters only)

We design our Junior Dragster tire covers to keep your tires free from debris. Your tires are expensive and very important to your ability to remain competitive, If you take care of them, they will take care of you.

Drag Boots

NEW BOOTS MADE IN THE USA. Our drag boots are a complete, comfortable boot with a sole. While we don’t recommend wearing them around the house, you will want to because they’re as comfy as a house shoe. Your feet are right next to the engine compartment, which is where most fires start. Protecting them with the proper boot is of utmost importance.

Cool Vest

Racing is a hot business. Anything that can reduce your body temperature at the track or drag strip is a valuable asset.


You can find every bell and whistle you might need to accent your car or crew here. We’ve got everything from dog leashes and duffel bags to piston covers and pedal boots.

Catch Net

Owning and operating a racetrack is a high liability venture. A track owner’s first responsibility is driver safety. The more you can protect the drivers who operate on your track or strip, the more they will feel comfortable racing there. It is in the interest of any race track owner to have a custom catch net installed at their strip.

Call now. Speaking with a Stroud representative is the best way to make certain that you are getting the product you need, manufactured to your exact specifications. 405-632-2022

Racing is a dangerous sport, and we take our role in that seriously. Nothing makes us more proud than to think of all the racers who have come home safe to their families because of Stroud Safety products.


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