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Stroud Safety Shorts

Stroud Safety Shorts is a video series designed to give you important safety information in bite sized segments. Your time is precious and we want to educate people without using too much of it. This series is valuable for seasoned racing vets and people just getting into the sport. If you have questions about the products or processes in these videos, get in touch with one of our safety experts any time. Our expertise is available to you at all times.

Stroud Safety Shorts Episode 1: Proper Parachute Sizing

In this video we will cover the importance of properly sizing your parachute for the size and speed of your race car. For any questions related to parachute sizing please contact one of our experts at (405) 632-2022

Stroud Safety Shorts Episode 2: All About Seat Belts

In this video we will cover the importance of proper belt installation, never modifying your belt, and choosing the correct latch type for your style of racing. For any questions related to seat belts please contact one of our experts at (405) 632-2022.

Stroud Safety Shorts Episode 3: Fire Suits

If you want to learn more about proper fit and use of fire suits in motorsports then you better watch this video. We cover it all!

Stroud Safety Shorts Episode 4: What to do in the event of a crash

Crashes happen in racing. It’s inevitable. But knowing what to do in the event of a crash can save your life. So we walk you through it step by step.

Stroud Safety Shorts Episode 5: SFI Ratings

SFI certification can be a confusing topic. That is why we’ve made a video breaking it down for you. Learn about the SFI Foundation, why we have SFI ratings, and how following their guidelines can save your life.

Stroud Safety Shorts Episode 6: Fire Suppression Systems

Welcome to episode six of Stroud Safety Shorts: a video series meant to give you important safety information in bite-size segments. Everything you’ve ever needed to know about fire suppression systems for race cars in one video. We cover what they do, how they work, and who they are for. Be sure and subscribe to the channel for more great content and don’t forget to like the video.

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Racing is a dangerous sport, and we take our role in that seriously. Nothing makes us more proud than to think of all the racers who have come home safe to their families because of Stroud Safety products.


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