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Stroud Safety

Fire Suit SFI Recertification

When: Recertification is every five years for SFI-15 and SFI-20

(SFI-1 and SFI-5 can not be recertified)

Cost: $65.00


  1. Ship your Stroud fire suit to – ATTN: SFI Recertification 4101 South May, Oklahoma City, OK 73119
  2. Stroud will inspect your racing fire suit to determine if there are any rips and tears and if so we repair it. 
  3. Once the suit has been deemed safe we replace the SFI date tag with a new one and ship it back to you.


  1. The $65 expense covers inspection and recertification.
  2. There is an additional charge for the repairs at 77.00 an hour. Most repairs can be done within 2 hours.
  3. Stroud cannot recertify a damaged suit. Repairs are an essential part of the recertification process. 
  4. Please send suit in clean. Stroud no longer offers dry cleaning services for suits sent in for recertification.



Q. Do I have to recertify my fire suit if it is below SFI-15?

A. No, you do not. If the suit is in poor condition and you are concerned with your safety please replace it immediately.

Q. Can Stroud recertify fire suits from another racing fire suit manufacturer?

A. Sorry but Stroud only recertifies Stroud fire suits. It is against SFI regulations to do otherwise.

Q: Can my SFI-15 suit be repaired and recertified?

A: Stroud does recertify SFI-15 suits but no longer offers repair on them.

Check those certification labels on a regular basis. It’s for your own safety!

Call now. Speaking with a Stroud representative is the best way to make certain that you are getting the product you need manufactured to your exact specifications. 405-632-2022

Racing is a dangerous sport, and we take our role in that seriously. Nothing makes us more proud than to think of all the racers who have come home safe to their families because of Stroud Safety products.


4101 South May Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73119