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Stroud Safety

Fire Bottle SFI Recertification

When: Sanctioning bodies vary on fire bottle recertifications. We can recertify up to the 6 year shelf life of the bottle. 

Cost: $32.00


  1. Call 405-632-2022 so that we can advise you on proper shipping methods of fire bottles.
  2. Ship your fire bottle to – ATTN: SFI Recertification Stroud Safety Kentucky 157 Airport Rd. Murray, KY 42071
  3. Stroud will check the bottle for pressure and make sure it is functioning properly.
  4. If it is not we fix whatever is causing it to not hold pressure.
  5. Stroud will inspect the head to make sure it is still functioning properly and replace any minor parts.
  6. We weigh your bottle and make sure it has the appropriate weight required. If it needs more FE-36, we add more for $42 per lb.
  7. Add updated stickers and labels.


  1. $32 covers inspection and recertification only. Any additional filling or replacing of components will be billed accordingly.
  2. A hazmat fee of $35 must be applied to shipping expenses back to you.
  3. Refills are $45 per lb.



Q. How can I find the date of the bottle?

A. It’s stamped on the neck of the bottle.

Q. How much should my bottle weigh when properly filled?

A. A 10 pound bottle should weigh 14.8 lb minimum and a 5 pound bottle should weigh 8.6 lb minimum.

Q. Are all bottles refillable?

A. No. Check the white label on your fire bottle to see if it is refillable. Non-refillable bottles cannot be recertified. Please do not send them in.

Q. What do I do if the needle is reading outside the “green” on the bottles gauge?

A. Make certain that it sits upright in a warm place for a full week and check it again. If it is still outside the green on the gauge it likely needs inspection and repair. Send it to us.

Q. What do I do if I accidentally discharged my fire bottle?

A. Send it in for a refill. Refills are $40 per lb. 

Q. What is the best method for shipping a fire bottle back to Stroud?

A. Call us. We can advise you on the easiest shipping method.

Check those certification labels on a regular basis. It’s for your own safety!

Call now. Speaking with a Stroud representative is the best way to make certain that you are getting the product you need manufactured to your exact specifications. 405-632-2022

Racing is a dangerous sport, and we take our role in that seriously. Nothing makes us more proud than to think of all the racers who have come home safe to their families because of Stroud Safety products.


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