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Stroud Race Safety Education

It is our goal to not only equip you with the appropriate race safety equipment but to also educate you about racing safety. We want every person who gets behind the wheel of a race car to be fully aware of how to protect themselves and others from harm.

We have collected all of our videos, instructional materials and articles on racing safety and put them all in one easy to find place. This is only the beginning. We are going to continue to add to this library until this is the best place on the internet to learn what you need to know about how to stay safe in a race car.

Please enjoy these materials. If there is any topic you would like to see us address please contact us and let us know.

Racer Safety Instructions-

Here you will find specific instructions about how to use race safety equipment properly.

Stroud Safety Shorts –

A video series designed to give you important safety information in bite sized segments. Your time is precious and we want to educate people without using too much of it.

Racer Safety Videos –

This is where we keep all of the instructional and informational videos we have produced over the years.

Racer Safety Articles –

We will be posting a series of articles meant to inform drivers and keep them safe. We want people using the right equipment, installed in the correct way. Check back often for updates!

Racing is a dangerous sport, and we take our role in that seriously. Nothing makes us more proud than to think of all the racers who have come home safe to their families because of Stroud Safety products.


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