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ALL SFI restraints must be recertified every 2 years! We re-certify all Stroud Safety products.

Re-certification and Fire Proofing

Description Item No.
Restraint Fire Proofing 215
Restraint Re-certification 225



Proper Attachment of Arm Restraints is Critical for Your Safety!

Chute launcher installation chart


A customer of ours recently informed us of a novel way that he attaches his arm restraints by sewing them to the waist straps of his seatbelt restraint system. He stated it was more convenient since they were already attached to the waist straps and ready to slip over his arms without having to independently guide the steel loops over the waist restraint attachment tabs.

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Kam Lock

Easy to use rotary kam. Either hand releases in either direction.

Kam lock

Latch and Link

Standard lever latch release.

Latch and link

Stroud Safety Restraints are made in the USA and are SFI approved. We re-certify all our restraints regardless of age. This saves you money by not replacing your belts every 2 years. Our restraints are designed by engineers and are constantly improved to make them safer and easier to use. Available in 5, 6, 7, and 9 point styles.


Available Colors:

Standard colors (red, blue, and black) are available at no extra charge. Custom colors and embroidery available. Call for special pricing.



Dragster Style Restraint

Dragster style, Kam Lock.

Dragster style restraint
Description Model No.
Dragster Style Kam Lock 2002

Individual Style Restraint

Individual style restraint with Latch and Link.

Individual style restraint with latch and link
Description Model No.
Latch and Link 1001

V Style Restraint

V style restraint with Kam Lock.

V-style restraint
Description Model No.
V Style Kam Lock 2003

Individual Style Restraint

Individual style restraint with Kam Lock.

Individual style restraint with kam lock
Description Model No.
Individual Restraint with Kam Lock 2001

Submarine Belt - 7 Point

Single attach point.

7 point submarine belt
Description Model No.
Submarine Belt, 7 Point, Single Attach Point

Submarine Belt - 6 Point

Single attach point.

6 point submarine belt
Description Model No.
Submarine Belt, Individual Style (includes 2 straps)

Crotch Strap - 5 Point

5 point crotch strap, 3".

5 point crotch strap
Description Model No.
Crotch Strap, 5 Point, 3"

Crotch Strap - 6 Point

6 point crotch strap, single attach point.

6 point crotch strap
Description Model No.
Crotch Strap, 6 Point, Single Attach Point

Dragster Shoulder Strap

Dragster shoulder strap
Description Model No.
Dragster Shoulder Strap

V Shoulder Strap

V shoulder strap
Description Model No.
V Shoulder Strap

Seat Belt End Fittings

End fittings for all restraint systems. Various types of mounting available at no additional cost.

Seat belt end fittings
Description Model No.
1. Snap-In (needs eyebolt attachment)
2. Wrap Around -Standard
3. Bolt-In

Restraint Mounting Hardware

Mounting hardware for all restraint systems.

Restraint mounting hardware
Description Model No.
1. 3" Adapter
2. 2" Adapter
3. Eye Bolt Kit 80053
4. Snap Anchor
5. Bolt Anchor

Arm Restraints

SFI approved with 2" wide arm bands with 1" wide adjustable restrainer straps.

Arm restraints
Description Model No.
Arm Restraints 600

Door Restraints

Designed to keep doors from being slammed against their tops when the wind catches them. Easy to attach and remove.

Door restraints
Description Model No.
Door Restraints 575


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