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Arm restraints

Model #610 (Installed with fire suit purchase) and #600 Arm Restraints

Stroud arm restraints are SFI approved. They are available in black and have 2" wide arm bands with 1" wide adjustable restrainer straps.





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Standard Fire Suits

Standard Fire Suits

Standard Fire Suit Measurement

Standard Fire Suit Sizing Chart


Size 1: Chest 2: Waist 3: Inseam
Small 38 30 30
Medium 42 32 32
Large 46 36 32
XL 50 42 32
XXL 54 46 34
XXXL 58 50 34

Manufactured at our facility in Oklahoma, these high quality suits are SFI 32A-1 approved and designed with great attention to detail. With the Stroud Safety Standard Fire Suit, nothing is just standard.

All Stroud suits feature Nomex cuffs and are sewn with Nomex thread for increased protection and reinforced with nylon thread for strength and durability. These suits come in black, red or blue, with arm and leg accent stripes. Available in all standard sizes (see sizing chart).

Available Colors:

Model No. Description
800 SFI 32A1* Fire suit (standard) jacket, pants





Stroud Helmets

Designed for the competitor who demands quality and value. Features flow-through venting, aero-stabilization, and plush interior. Snell SA2015 rating.

Stroud sport helmets
Description Model No.
Stroud Helmet 815


Neck Collars


Neck Collars

The Stroud neck collar is made with ultra soft knit Nomex outer covers and flame retardant closed cell foam on the inside. They are SFI approved and come in black, red and blue.

Neck Collars
Description Model No.
Neck Collars 300




Glove Measurement

Glove Sizing Chart
Size 1: Across Hand 2: Length (from
Middle Finger
Past Wrist)
Small 3-3/4 9-3/4
Medium 4 10-3/4
Large 4 11-1/4
XL 4-3/4 11-3/4
XXL 4-3/4 12-1/2
XXXL 5-3/4 12-3/4

Premium Bones Driving Gloves

These gloves feature an eye-catching design and durable construction with padding where you need it. Available in red, black and blue. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Premium bones driving gloves
Description Model No.
Premium bones driving gloves 1100

Premium Stripes Driving Gloves

These sharp looking gloves feature outstanding feel and the finest construction for long-lasting performance. Available in red, black and blue. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Premium stripes driving gloves
Description Model No.
Premium stripes driving gloves 1100

Driving Gloves 3.3/5

Driving gloves 3.3/5
Description Model No.
Driving Gloves 3.3/5 1110

Premium Driving Gloves

We’ve developed the finest driving gloves using the thinnest SFI approved material available. These gloves have thin Nomex on the outer index finger and thumb for maximum feel. Available in red, black and blue. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Premium driving gloves
Description Model No.
SFI 3.3/20 1130




Nomex Headsocks

The Nomex headsock provides protection for the head and neck. One size fits all. Available in two and one hole.

Nomex headsocks
Description Model No.
Nomex Headsock 820

Nomex Underwear

Extra protection is certainly what every racer wants. Stroud has Nomex underwear available in S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Description Model No.
Nomex Undershirt 830
Nomex Underpants 835

Nomex Socks

Nomex socks
Description Model No.
Nomex Socks 840




Funny Car Boot Measurement

Funny Car Boot Sizing Chart

Size (US) Size (Euro) 1: Length
(Tip of
Longest Toe
to Heel)
2: Width
(Width of
4 36 8.5 2.5
5 37 9 2.75
6 38 9.5 2.75
6.5 39 10 3
7 40 10.25 3.25
8 41 10.5 3.5
8.5 42 11 3.5
9 43 11.5 3.75
10 44 11.75 4
11 45 12 4.25
12 46 12.5 4.5
12.5 47 13 4.5
13 48 13.5 4.75
14 49 13.75 5
15 50 14 5
16 51 14.5 5.5
17 52 15 5.5


Drag Boots

These drag boots have their own hard sole. You don’t need to wear shoes on the inside. They are the most comfortable boots on the market.

Drag boots
Description Model No.
Drag Boots with Sole
SFI 3.3/20

Driving Shoes

SFI 3.3/5 rated, these new premium leather driving shoes feature a higher ankle and lace ports for more protection and secure fit.

Driving shoes
Description Model No.
Driving Shoes 1200



Cool Vest

For those hot summer days when you feel like melting, the Stroud Cool Vest cures the heat. Reusable all day and does not interfere with your driving. Also keeps you warm in the winter!

Cool vest
Description Model No.
Cool Vest 810

Stroud Safety T-Shirts

New Stroud T-Shirts are available in blue only and sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Stroud Safety T-shirts
Description Model No.
Stroud Safety T-shirts 7300

Stroud Safety Hoodies

New Stroud Hoodies will keep you warm and stylin’. Pull-over style with front pockets. Available in blue only and sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Stroud Safety hoodies
Description Model No.
Stroud Safety Hoodies 7301


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