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Re-certification Schedules

Stroud Safety reminds you that SFI re-certification is required at specific intervals for many of the products that you use in competitive motorsports.

We re-certify ALL Stroud Safety products!

All Window Nets Every 2 years
Personal Restraints Every 2 years
Fire Suits
(SFI 15 & 20 only)
Every 5 years
Transmission Blankets Every 2 years
Blower Plates Every 2 years
Tractor Blankets Every 2 years
Engine Diapers Every 2 years




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Ratchet Tie-down

8' long. Custom lengths also available.

Ratchet tie-down
Description Model No.
Ratchet Tie-Down 700

Retractable Tow Strap

Retractable Tow Strap
Description Model No.
Retractable Tow Strap 7201

SFI Roll Cage Padding

Comes in 3' sticks and fits 1-5/8" tubing.

SFI Roll Cage Padding
Description Model No.
SFI Roll Cage Padding 550

Equipment Bag

The Stroud equipment bag is just the right size to carry firesuit, driving shoes and gloves to the track. Comes in black only.

Equipment Bag
Description Model No.
Equipment Bag 806

Plug Wire Covers

Stroud Wire Covers protect the plug wires after the burst panel has been blown. They are designed so that plug wires won’t have to be replaced.

Description Model No.
Wire Covers 812


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